Local Food and Drink Experience

During the reception, from 18:00 - 19:15, a number of local food suppliers will be displaying their products, and providing tastings.

Wold Top Brewery

Wold Top Brewery was founded in 2003 by arable farmers Tom and Gill Mellor. Based high on the Yorkshire Wolds where the hills roll down to the North Sea, this is a family business that is run by the third and fourth generation Mellors and they pride themselves on brewing superior quality beer from home grown barley and water that is gently filtered by the chalk of the Yorkshire Wolds and drawn from the farm's own borehole.

Staal Smokehouse

Staal Smokehouse is an award winning, family run business dedicated to delivering the finest smoked products to your door. We are surrounded by a rich array of high calibre farms enabling us to source most of our produce from within the county of Yorkshire. We believe there is no substitute for top quality ingredients and at Staal Smokehouse, we are committed to sourcing only the finest, freshest foods for smoking.

Amelia's Chocolate

Amelia’s Chocolate is a thriving little shop in Scarborough, run by Amelia Scholey with plenty of  help from her enthusiastic staff and unending support from her family, who are always there for her.

Started in her home kitchen in 2011, Amelia spent her days dreaming up chocolates, her evenings making them, and her weekends selling them at craft fairs and farmers markets. By 2013 she was ready to open her very own shop, and now they are a small team dedicated to dreaming, creating and perfecting chocolates that will make you smile.

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company was established in 2013 after Yorkshire Wolds farmers Jonathan Shepherd (aka Shep) and Jim Bloom found a mutual interest in the world famous Wagyu cattle and the unique meat that it produces. They both recognised the need to explore the breeding, rearing and marketing of this increasingly popular product. Over the past couple of years, the team at The Yorkshire Wagyu Company has successfully bred one of the largest Wagyu cross and Wagyu full blood herds in the UK and are now producing this super premium beef for direct sale to consumers, retailers and restaurateurs.

Wagyu is a breed of cattle that originated in Japan, where it is revered for its unrivalled taste, tenderness and health benefits and was once only eaten by Emperors.

John Wright Turkeys

John Wright Turkeys are a family business with over 50 years experience.

The turkey enterprise was started in 1964 after John Wright Snr left agricultural college. Turkeys were sold New York dressed to local butchers with only about from 50 sold at the farm.

After joining the TFTA in 2000, they were encouraged to expand the farm gate trade and last year they sold almost 500 direct to customers with more going to butchers and farm shops.

The farm was originally a dairy farm with arable, growing wheat, barley and clover leys for sheep. Beef cattle and pigs were kept until the crash of the farming market in the 1990's when they all were sold. The farm has evolved into an all arable farm growing wheat, barley, oil seed rape and beans.