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Overall Winner of 2019

The Overall Winner is selected from the individual category winners. Given the diversity of the categories, there are no specific criteria for this category.

Business Person of 2019

Open to entrants working at any level within an organisation who have brought financial and / or non financial benefits to their organisation through their efforts.

  • Raised their organisation's profile
  • Demonstrated exceptional commitment
  • Had a significant impact on improving the performance of the business

Young Business Person 2019

This prize is awarded to the person aged 16 - 25 who shows evidence of business vision and leadership within the business.

  • Evidence that the individual uses their own initiative to deliver results
  • Demonstration of entrepreneurial skills or the ability to work collaboratively within the business
  • Evidence that they have the ability to become a significant contributor to the organisation and/or the wider business community

Small Business of 2019

Business with up to 25 employees and a turnover of less than £500,000 pa.

  • A sound business plan and Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Strong leadership with the ability to drive the business forward
  • Innovation and ambition

Medium/Large Business of 2019

Business with a turnover exceeding £500,000 pa.


  • Sales performance and growth prospects
  • Productivity development
  • Product development and the use of technology
  • Quality standards and monitoring
  • Investment in people and equipment
  • Environmental awareness

Start-Up Business of 2019

Business under 2 years old.

  • Can convey clearly the business idea and start up process.
  • Display a clearly defined vision for developing and growing the business.
  • Have suitable financial controls in place to monitor progress and control cash flow.

Yorkshire in Business

Social Enterprise of 2019

Charities, CIC's and Community organisations.

  • An innovative approach to the way in which the enterprise operates and/or meets its own primary objectives.
  • Make a positive impact on people's lives, their society and/or environment.
  • Projects that have the potential for future development growth and sustainability.
  • Business-like approach and financial sustainability.

Culture / Arts Business of 2019

This award is open to any individual, business or organisation that has made significant inroads to the support of artistic or cultural activities over the last twelve months. The contribution can be as an arts and culture performer, practitioner, sponsor or commercial funding source and could be one or more of the following:

  • Evidence of significant monetary or in-kind contribution acting as key to an activity taking place.
  • Evidence of high quality resulting work; supported by official evaluation or media coverage.
  • Support to local businesses through economic benefit; tourism, footfall etc.
  • The benefit of this activity to the nominated business.

For this category, if the submission includes a specific performance then finalists will be asked to provide a video not exceeding 2 minutes showing the event along with any promotional print prepared before the event and a selection of feedback (both customer and media).

Business of 2019 with a green ethos

Businesses that are passionate about the environment.

  • Evidence of a green ethos running through the business.
  • Evidence of greening core processes, whether purchasing and using energy efficient machinery/equipment, innovative ways to reduce or re-use waste to reduce landfill charges, minimising packaging or using green alternatives, sourcing from 'green' suppliers or locally, being carbon-neutral and off-setting emissions etc.
  • Evidence of a recognised green accreditation, or progress towards such an accreditation.

Tourism & Hospitality Business of 2019

To qualify for this award, you must fall into one of these business categories: dining, travel, accommodation, tourist attraction or service.

  • Business achievement & success within the tourism sector.
  • Innovation, ambition and entrepreneurial flair.
  • Demonstrable excellence in customer service.

Business of 2019 with high staff training

Businesses who are passionate about, and add value through staff training.

  • Significant business improvement through the training and development of its workforce
  • A system for evaluation of training including value for money and examples of the benefits gained.
  • How the improved performance is going to be maintained and how learning will be used to move the organisation forward.

Award for Business Innovation 2019

This prize is awarded to the business that the judges believe has demonstrated the best business innovation in the past year.

  • Significant business innovation during the past year, with demonstrable cost benefits.
  • The winner will be identified from among the 30 finalists.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

This is awarded to an individual who has made a significant and long term impact within local business.